The ruling code of ethics reinforces to all members of the Board, Officers, staff and representatives of the associate member companies, the compromise to adhere to the principles of ABEMI in all activities performed, within the association and companies.



  • Always execute and conduct all ABEMI activities with integrity, transparency, bestowing credibility with associate member companies, Clients and Brazilian society in general.
  • Continuously endeavor to upgrade ABEMI image through straightforward righteous market exposure.
  • Never criticize in a disloyal or disowning way the performance of an associate member company or any Class Entity of the segment
  • Never incur in acts that may be, direct or indirectly, in conflict with the interests of member companies, such as self-appropriation of ideas, plans and third party projects, without asking and receiving authorization.
  • Never act on behalf of ABEMI to obtain advantages solely to oneself or to any individual member company represented.
  • Whenever instructed, consider confidential any information obtained from ABEMI.
  • Immediately inform the member companies on any known obstacle or impediment judged to be related to their projects or activities.
  • Closely follow-up and see to it that all directives outlined in ABEMI By-laws are being followed.
  • Motivate the member companies to disseminate the ethical principles and compromises herewith outlined.



To always position ourselves in the defense of the common interest of companies that deal with activities related to Project Execution of Public or Private enterprises in the industrial and infra-structure business segment. To continuously care that free competition rules are kept and prosper, as well as value added knowledge on best practices, technology and project management, thus contributing to the increase in competitive advantage of the segment with positive impact on the welfare and economic growth of the country.



To be recognized as the most prestigious Brazilian institute to represent and defend the common interest of the Brazilian Industrial Engineering segment and of its associate member companies.