muller_mensagemWe came into holding office at the beginning 2012, conscious that the major mission of the entity is to represent the Brazilian Industrial Engineering, protect the general interest of the associate member companies, between which stand all issues related to the competitive strengthening of the segment, such as the gathering and dissemination of added value knowledge in the fields of technology, best practices, project execution as well management and skill building training programs.
The new board of officers is made up of engineers, business administrators and executives of highly recognized experience and capability. This fact exercised a marked influence on the decisions made throughout this first term and the success therefrom derived as pointed out in some of the following benchmarks:

  • Inauguration of the new and upgraded headquarters of the Entity comprising of more than 500 sq. meters with the required built-in facilities, infrastructure and refurbishing to further improve and facilitate the activities handled by ABEMI.
  • Continuity the ongoing activities of ad-hoc work groups (GT´s) created in the First Competitive Forum taken place in 2009.
  • Reaching the impressive mark of 100 work meetings held by the GT- PETROBRAS-ABEMI-ABCE throughout the last 10 years and ongoing, of continuous collaboration with significant impact on the smoothing out of controversial contractual , productivity , quality, safety and welfare issues.
  • Proposition made to the Brazilian Authorities for the reduction of Social Benefits due by labor laws for companies active in the fields of Design Engineering, Civil Works & Structural, Electro-Mechanical Erection and Fabrication, aiming to diminish this undue competitive disadvantage between Brazilian and foreign segments in these areas.
  • The proposition work was developed in straight collaboration with the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and forwarded by the end of 2012 to the Executive Committee of PROMINP (Mobilization Program for the Oil & Gas Industry) where it was approved with honors.
  • Presented also to the Executive Committee of PROMINP the business proposition of ABEMI-PEARSON-NCCER-SENAI to install a L Capability Skills Upgrade and Certification program for labor professionals in the industrial Construction and Electro-Mechanical Erection fields.

Note: These two last mentioned propositions coordinated by ABEMI are part of the five approved projects in the 9th National Forum of PROMINP and will be presented to the Executive Committee of that organization.



On the second half of 2012 sounded a predicting warning sign on downturn of investments in the economic segment we deal with. Therefore 2013 will be a challenging year for our member companies. Reason by which ABEMI is to intensify throughout this and the following year its institutional work in order to develop and continue to intensify closer relation with major Clients such as Petrobras and Vale, as well as with Power Generation, Distribution and Logistic companies.
ABEMI will also act proactively on the three areas of Government to exercise influence on the continuation of investment on major projects of interest to our associate member companies, as well as strategically to the country in order to maintain the solid industrial engineering based built throughout all these years.
As a closing remark it must be mentioned that planned to start still in 2013 is the pilot-project Construction and Erection Labor Upgrade and Certification Program to be conducted by ABEMI-PEARSON-NCCER-SENAI .This will represent a significant step forward to improve productivity and competitive gain in the field.
The present board will continue endeavoring efforts in 2014 to further strengthen the leading position of ABEMI in the Brazilian Industrial Engineering Segment comprising activities ranging from Basic Engineering of Industrial Plants throughout all phases up to commissioning, initial operation and turn over to the Owner the industrial facility.
I am certain, without a trace of doubt, that together with the drive and dedication of our associate member companies we will overcome the challenges and conquer improvements that will benefit all parties envolved

This is the firm conviction that fuels the dedicated and coordinated efforts of the officers of the present board.


Antonio E. F. Müller