To further strengthen and consolidate the recognized representative position we detain in the Brazilian private market and State Authorities and thus continuously increase our clout and ability to act as spokesman on behalf of the segment and general interest of our stake-holders.

Besides the above, becoming a member company will give you access to:

  • Legal advice on issues regarding relevant subjects developed in strict collaboration between the Legal departments of the associate companies.
  • Exchange of pertinent information in the area of Human Resources regarding wages and benefits, labor union claims and personnel policies in general.
  • Exchange of pertinent information with extensive feed-back from the various project sites regarding Health, Safety, Environmental, policies and controls
  • Exchange of pertinent information and feed-back regarding Quality policies, implementation and control tools on the projects.
  • Exclusive conferences, seminars and workshops on the most relevant issues faced by the segment.
  • Political activities exercised to mitigate risks to the segment due to government and private investor policies.
  • Act in close contact with the Brazilian Regulatory Agencies such as ANP, ANEEL, ANATEL and ANVISA to avoid beforehand, whenever possible or mitigate, when unavoidable, measures that add undue production costs to the Brazilian Industrial Engineering.
  • Newsletters and clippings, as well as other institutional and technical publications of the Association.