utc engenhariaThe Brazilian Association of Industrial Engineering – ABEMI was founded in May 23, 1964 by a group of stock holders that wished their engineering companies working in the electro mechanical industrial erection field had a proper representation and voice in the business segment.

It was structured from the very start as a non-profit organization, which today comprises of member companies in the Design Engineering, Structural and Civil Works, Electro Mechanical Erection, Equipment Fabrication and Industrial Maintenance areas, responsible for the development of the major portion of the Brazilian industrial settings and infrastructure, as well as pioneering the exports of the segment.

With close to half a century of ongoing activities, ABEMI works with continuous and tireless endeavor on behalf of the collective interests of its associated member companies with Government and Public entities, as well as on value adding knowledge for the competitive enhancement of the segment, thus contributing substantially for the economic and welfare development of Brazil.

ABEMI maintains a lean business administration structure to back-up the core activities it promotes such as work groups to develop studies, research, interviews, committees, presentations, seminars, workshops etc. thus having become a permanent forum for debate and networking of the segment.

ABEMI has today approximately 140 associate member companies amongst which are some of the most preeminent of this segment in the Brazilian Market. The composite sum of the related work-force adds to roughly 450 thousand in the fields we deal with.

In straight alignment with its original principles and objectives, ABEMI has expanded its horizons in the ways it operates, as well as on the welfare of the communities affected by the projects being developed, in order to meet the ever changing demands and priorities of the market place.



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